Tieto: From manual reports to visualised data

Tieto wanted to update their reporting policy with a modern solution. Attido planned and executed Qlik Sense views for the management based on their requirements. One of the objectives for the collaboration was that Tieto could carry on developing their reporting independently.

Successful data visualization is of significant value in everyday business decisions. The largest software house in the Nordics, Tieto began renewing their internal reporting in the spring of 2015 with the help of Qlik Sense. Attido was chosen as partner for the startup phase.

Designed for data visualization, Qlik Sense was launched at the end of 2014. Tieto was one of the first companies in Finland to implement the software.
“Our objective was to replace manual reports with modern visualisation solutions. We first tested on self made visualization, but then decided on an external expert”, says Integration Manager Lasse Jaakkola from Tieto’s CIO Office unit.

A turnkey solution

Attido designed and carried out the Qlik Sense views that Tieto wanted for their management’s purposes. The objective of the cooperation was that Tieto would maintain and develop its own views in the future. This is, in fact, how things turned out.

“Since the end of 2015, we have designed and developed the reports ourselves”, Jaakkola notes.

Easier access to data and indicators

Tieto has built a manager portal for top management use, compiling all needed reporting in one place. Tieto’s objective is to make this accessible to all Tieto superiors in the future.

“The portal has three levels: a dashboard with the most essential information in one view. Secondly, regular routine reports such as weekly or monthly reports. In the third, self service section, users can independently analyze data and find answers to business questions from different perspectives, which also decreases the need for centralized reporting development”, Jaakkola lists.

“In practise, Qlik Sense is the motor of the ensemble, visualizing the data for the user.”

Self service enabling independency

From a customer point of view, a great thing about the Attido-built implementation models and Qlik Sense technology is that it doesn’t necessarily tie the customer to the supplier for years.

“Our goal is to create functional visualization practises and models so that they can independently take them further”, says Executive Vice President Timo Jääskeläinen from Attido.

“Qlik Sense offers a vast selection of visualization choices. It’s in our expertise to explain to the customer which particular elements are suitable for their needs from Qlik’s own selection and in which cases utilizing web techniques brings added value to the visualization. This way, we create a tailor-made package that helps all everyday decision making on as concrete level as possible.”

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