Together supporting our customers


Strong professional skills and cutting edge technology are our most important resources. As we are independent technology-wise, we can leverage the world-class expertise of our partners, as well.


Attido’s story began with an Oracle technology driven ERP project in 2001. That successful project led to growth: new projects and new employees emerged. Our Oracle expertise deepened into a partnership, especially within ERP customer relationships. At the moment we have one of the strongest and largest Oracle teams in Finland and the growth continues. Going forward, we will especially invest in the Oracle cloud offering. We will recruit, train and strengthen our partnership even further.

There are over 400 000 Oracle customers in 175 countries. Partners total 25 000 people, employees 137 000. The company’s brand is ranked number 19 in the list of the 100 most prestigious global brands (Interbrand Best Global Brands 2018).


We began our analytics partnership with Microsoft already in the early 2010s. In 2017, the partnership gained speed and we have executed several Microsoft Power BI implementations since. Our goal is to further strengthen our analytics partnership.

Power BI is a globally used Microsoft solution for modern business analytics. In the Gartner comparison of 2017, Power BI was number one in its series. 


Attido is one of Finland’s first Qlik partners. Since 2011 we have been strongly involved in growing the Finnish Qlik market. We have executed a number of analytical solutions, first with QlikView and then with Qlik Sense. We maintain and develop our customers’ systems. The close partnership has created a strong analytical knowledge for Attido.

Qlik has more than 48 000 customers around the world. Gartner has given Qlik the “Leader in Magic Quadrant for Analytics and BI” eight times in a row.


Attido and the award-winning, global Oracle expert Evosys formed a partnership in the spring of 2018. Attido represents Evosys exclusively in Finland.
Evosys is one of the best and most rewarded Oracle cloud solution providers in the world. We can now proudly leverage its global vision to our customers. With Evosys delivering its scalable production expertise in demanding, large-scale projects, our local project team is then able to focus on our customers’ business requirements even better.

Evosys operates in Europe, North America, the Middle East, Asia and Australia. Evosys has successfully implemented nearly 700 Oracle Cloud implementations in cloud.