How can business and IT talk to each other?

Technology and Integration Services


How should business objectives be set? Do you know which technology suits your targets in the best possible way? How do you make sure that the different systems work well together? How about a holistic service with a long-term partner that has solid experience?


Data networks, data security, servers, databases, operating systems – there may be hundreds of systems in use. They all need to work in sync with each other to keep the data moving as efficiently as possible. We provide support services, system management, maintenance as well as continuous systems development.


When switching to a cloud service, it is important to understand what it means in practice. What can and should be brought to cloud? What does it all cost? The transition goes smoothly with professionals of infrastructure, integration and technology by your side.

We believe in continuous service

In addition to support, we offer clear business models and processes for your business. We build bridges between business and IT.

Continuous Services

Examples of our services

System Health Check

Is your system performance weakened and functioning in an unreliable way? Do you receive feedback from end users about an inoperative tool?

System health check by Attido produces a clear report for you, stating out where the bug is and how it should be fixed. With this report, you can then build a path of continuous development for your system and increase the reliability and performance of your system, without forgetting data security. System health check also ensures that the investments and plans related to the system are solid.

Task Automation

Is server maintenance work difficult or time-consuming? Automation of routine tasks saves costs and adds reliability.

Task automation includes server analysis that gives information about the server contents (versions, patch levels, vulnerabilities). Alerts and automatic patching can be used in monitoring and maintaining required service levels. Automation can also guarantee uniform development, test and production environments.

We also offer continuous reporting related to system security vulnerabilities and installed repairs.

System Enhancement

Are you using a system that doesn’t support your transition to mobile usage?

Thanks to system enhancements, even an older tool can be included in a modern way of working. System enhancements provide added value to both end users and employees: satisfaction is increased when systems work in modern ways, for example by utilising a mobile connection from the warehouse or on the road.

Security Audits

Do you know who is using your systems? Is your system security at an adequate level?

Security audits by Attido give you a comprehensive view of the total security of your information systems. Our service provides you with vital information that is difficult to acquire by any other means. Audits cover individual systems, their integrations and user rights authorisations.

Identity Management

Do you have to employ several user names to access your company’s different systems? Do you know which systems give user rights to users?

A modern identity management system gives you an opportunity to manage user and user rights information in a concentrated way, according to personal data handling regulations (such as GDPR). User rights related to job descriptions are created, updated and deleted automatically.

With an identity management system, single sign-ons and strong authentication methods, such as multi-stage authentication, can be applied.

System Integrations

Are you forced to gather information from multiple systems? With system integrations, you get the full benefit of a variety of systems without duplicated data. Exchanging data with third parties also improves processes and lead times.

By utilising our system Integrations, you get a tailored solution, which drives in your company’s own critical issues and failing or slow processes.

attido as a partner in technology and integration services, because…

We house excellence and an experienced team

We have several years of experience

We understand both business and technology