R-kioski: Improved understanding of business figures supports success

R-kioski wanted to serve their hundreds of shopkeepers with the help of analytics while developing the reporting in the whole organisation. Together with Attido the user interface and reports were clarified, which lowered the threshold to utilise the data. Because R-kioski’s business generates constantly a lot of data analytics is also developed in a controlled manner in sprints.

“Our co-operation with Attido started when we recognised the need to improve the reliability and accuracy of the data extracted from analytics”, says R-kioski’s Chief Controller Samuel Weber.

“We already had QlikView tools in use, but we still needed to look more closely into what kind of data we collect and how. It is challenging to monitor the business activities of over 600 convenience stores and to refine the data into a format that serves the shopkeepers. At the same time, analytics must also support the reporting activities of the entire company and interact with the ERP, for example, in matters related to product information or cost centres.”

Support for daily sales from analytics

“The most important task of a shopkeeper is to participate in developing the sales and customer service, not in the maintenance of systems. We must be able to provide shopkeepers with reports that support sales and increase business understanding. Among our hundreds of franchisees, there are very different users of analytics. Our aim is to make it easy for them to use the basic information. We supply all our shopkeepers with a standard report in PDF format on a weekly and monthly basis.”

“Understanding business figures supports the success of the shopkeeper.”

“It’s easy to walk through the report, even with the entire staff. In QlikView, the most active users can also drill down, for example, into income statements, balance sheets, inventory values, sales structure, and so on. It’s obvious that understanding business figures supports the success of the shopkeeper.”

User interface plays an important role

“When it comes to the usability of analytics, the look and feel and clarity of the user interface and reports are crucial. We have developed also these elements together with Attido. When the layout is simple and clear and free from unnecessary items, it is easier for the user to interpret and utilize report data.”
“We have established practices that give shopkeepers answers to questions that are important for them: How am I doing, what is working, what isn’t? One perspective to data, which supports business and customer service, is the correlation analysis of what products customers typically buy together. For example, which products do customers often buy together with coffee? This kind of understanding helps in planning sales and campaigns, and also in improving customer experience.”

“Correlation analysis tells us, for example, which products customers usually buy with coffee. “

“Attido has introduced us to new operating models for developing our activities in a controlled manner. In our business, there is a lot going on all the time and a large amount of data is generated. To be able to control the development of analytics, we must be very disciplined and focus our resources on the most important tasks. Attido’s development approach, where a set of pre-agreed functionalities is developed in cycles (sprints) of a few weeks, has served us well. It is also important to document everything that is done to make sure that the knowledge of the system does not reside in just one person’s mind. With Attido, also these risks are under control. The team of consultants that Attido supplies us with guarantees that there is always more than one person who is familiar with our situation and needs.”

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