Measurable business benefits from ERP

Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP)

The possibilities of ERP

Is your existing ERP solution everything you want it to be? Or is it restricting your business? In order to grow your business and become international, you need a modern ERP solution as your bedrock. Modern ERP is agile, flexible and modifiable. It understands the challenges ahead and knows how to prepare for possible changes.

A successful project 

When an ERP project begins, it is important to understand and manage that project as a whole. We know what a viable and long-term solution means. We also know how to build it in an agile way. With us, the project stays within budget and on schedule. We work closely with you. We understand local businesses and speak Finnish.

Solid experience

We maintain and develop systems, as well as innovate and develop completely new entities with our solid experience and professionalism. We are home to one of Finland’s most experienced Oracle teams. We’re also one of the few houses that deliver the solution both as Oracle NetSuite and Oracle ERP Cloud

We believe in continuous service

In addition to support, we offer clear business models and processes for your business. We build bridges between business and IT.

Continuous Services

Our tEchnologies

Attido as an ERP partner because…

We have vast experience in executing extensive and demanding ERP projects

We develop our activities with perseverance and in close contact with our customers

We have versatile knowledge across various business functions (financial, HR and supply chain management)

We work locally and serve our customers in Finnish