Information is only valuable when it’s utilised

Business Intelligence

Data into information

There is more data today than there was yesterday. The possibilities for utilising that data are close to limitless.

Do you know what you’re doing with all that data? Do you have a partner who knows how to convert data into useful information? We help you identify the needs of your business.


We work together with you: when we combine our business knowledge with yours, we achieve great results. We bring a systematic approach to business analytics and make sure that it’s an effective part of business management. Together we build a solution that meets your business needs exactly and supports decision-making, as well as performance.

Increased understanding

Business intelligence (BI) and -analytics does not solely mean individual projects. Instead, it is a continuous and evolving way of increasing understanding of your own business environment. We are our customers’ long-term partner and offer comprehensive services that form a seamless entity. We offer you analytics that serves your business with tools from Qlik, Oracle and Microsoft

We believe in continuous service

In addition to support, we offer clear business models and processes for your business. We build bridges between business and IT.

Continuous Services


Our technologies

attido as a BI & analytics partner because

We understand both data and business

We have efficient and agile implementation models

The quality and continuity of the partnerships is essential for us

We provide our services locally