Kämp Collection Hotels: A real-time view into business figures helps with predictions

Due to acquisitions Kämp Collection Hotels needed to renew their data management. Attido helped in the renewal project by combining the various systems in one tool, not forgetting about external data sources. Now the majority of the employees have a real-time view of the company’s business figures regardless of the device.

Kämp Collection Hotels utilizes analytics in data-based management in a very comprehensive way. The data on demand, sales, working hours and many other key indicators of the efficiency of the business are updated every fifteen minutes at best, for all managers to see.

This enables daily predicting, optimizing and affecting each day’s results. From the viewpoint of the customers of the group’s nine hotels and restaurants, service is smooth and of high quality, when there’s a correct amount of staff for each situation.

Expansion created the need for data-based management

Kämp Group had used the Qlik analytics tools before, but as the group expanded in the spring of 2015 due to acquisitions and changed its name into Kämp Collection Hotels, the need and demands for data-based management significantly increased. Attido has been the company’s partner in analytics solutions since 2014.

”We don’t have a system that analytics wouldn’t be attached to.”, says CIO Juhani Rajala.

”As the group expanded, that also meant a renewal project in data management. Different hotels had different systems. We wanted to gather all the data they produced into a single tool, in a comparable format, and make the tool visible to the employees of the different hotels. We have some 500 employees in the group, some 80 of which have a Qlik user license.”

“Data utilization is comprehensive and everyone also sees how the other hotels in the group are doing. This helps break silos and grow the speed of change. Thanks to Attido and the Qlik tools this was accomplished without system integration. Time is money so what needs to be done, needs to be done quickly.”

CIO Juhani Rajala in front of hotel Klaus K in spring 2017.

Data also from external sources

In addition to internal systems, the analytics tools also gather data from external sources. For example, travel portal Trip Advisor provides important information on what the customers think of their customer experiences. In the luxury and lifestyle hotel business, customer testimonials and endorsements are crucially important.

“Real-time data can be accessed on mobile devices before coming to work.”

”All operations are human to human. This needs to be considered also in data-based management tools. We have been able to significantly utilize data more just because the data is available to all users on any device. Many get their real-time data on mobile devices before coming to work.”

Right decisions – quickly

“Data-based management goals derive from the management and the business, but the benefits of it really come out when the analytics are user-friendly and beneficial for people throughout the organization, to quickly make the right, data-based decisions. Flexibility is in the core, tracking models change fast as the surrounding world changes faster than ever. There is no way we could keep up without a flexible partner.”

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