Fortum: Oracle EBS –version update on schedule and in budget

Fortum needed to update their Oracle E-Business Suite to the new version. To reach the goal on schedule and in budget the project focused on key features and customisations were kept at a minimum. With the help of strong team spirit and shared objectives the team managed to execute the version update according to the schedule.

When you are doing a ERP upgrade that affects over 100 companies in several countries, you must have focus on essentials, skilful team, commitment to tight cooperation and an “until it’s done” -attitude towards the work. That’s exactly what we did in deep cooperation with Fortum, upgrading their Oracle ERP E-Business Suite to new version R 12.2.

The project included technical upgrade, platform migration, functional consulting, customizations and interfaces upgrade. In the project team, there were more than 80 people in 4 different countries. Oracle Finland and Oracle SSI supported the project. Attido also provides ongoing support for R 12.2 environment including technical platform and functionalities.

Focus on key features

The upgrade was a “must do” –project to Fortum, and to keep the schedule was critical. The financial platform of Fortum had to be ready for the planned extensions of business. To secure the success of the project, we minimized customizations and focused on key features. The plan worked perfectly. Time and money was saved, and everything executed on time.

Exceptional teamwork

“The difference that made the difference”, as one team member from Fortum said, was exceptional teamwork between Fortum and Attido.
On top of strong knowledge of the product and the solution, and good technical capacity, the team had spirit of persistence and shared goals. They were built on team workshops along the way, and also the long history of cooperation between Fortum and Attido since 2001 has deepened our understanding of Fortum’s needs.

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