Peikko Group: Improved process with the help of analytics

International Peikko Group wanted to improve their understanding of finance, sales and production. Attido executed a dashboard designed for management reporting that explains key figures distinctly. The renewed reporting helps with i.a. detecting trends and enables intervening on time.

”In a complex of over 30 countries, it’s pretty easy to miss things if there is no easy way of controlling the whole”, says Peikko Group’s CFO Jukka Turva.

Peikko Group manufactures connections and joints for concrete structures and operates in 33 countries. ”Now we have a management reporting dashboard that clearly shows us the key figures. It helps us follow the actions taken and communicate monthly to the subsidiaries.”

Reporting with QlikView

The reporting was harmonized and predictability improved with Attido-developed QlikView analytics solution. The need to renew the financial, sales and operations reporting of the over 30 companies was acknowledged in 2013, and the cooperation with Attido began in 2014.

”Before this we had no visual reporting system, only ERP and sales database reports. Our priority was to create finance and sales key indicators and to unify reporting throughout the group. We looked into different tools and ended up choosing QlikView”.

The group now has finance and sales reporting systems that help the management analyze and plan. In addition, operations reporting is under continuous development.

Improved processes with the help of analytics

Reporting has enabled creating and following completely new indicators. ”This helps us spot trends and enable early intervention. And it’s not just about visual reporting. The analytics has helped us improve our processes. Reporting has also added understanding of relations between things, and why, for example, the right kind of use of the ERP is important. In that sense, this solution has been even more useful than we expected.”

Flexible co-operation

”Attido gets an A on this one. The cooperation has been flexible, and within schedule and budget. What’s also been positive is that the consultant from Attido’s side has remained the same, which has made the collaboration easier.”

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