HSY: Efficiency to reporting with the help of map visualisation

HSY wanted to combine and utilise data from various information systems in a more efficient manner as well as improve reporting. Attido executed a reporting model, which core component was map visualisation. The same information is simultaneously visible as numbers, graphs and map visualisation, which makes it easier to reach a general understanding. In the future HSY can create new solutions by themselves without coding skills.

”The data is presented in a visual, easy-to-use format. All employees have the opportunity to use dynamic reports to analyse close to real-time information without any special skills. In the operative system, users can view the situation on an annual or a monthly level, drilling all the way down to individual occurrences.”, Unit Manager Pentti Janhunen from HSY water services sums up benefits of the analytics solution that Attido created for HSY.

Helsinki Region Environmental Services Authority HSY is a municipal union that provides the environmental services of the Helsinki region, including water and waste management as well as information on the capital region and its environment.

In 2015, HSY initiated a development project with the objective of combining and better utilizing the information in different systems and improve its reporting. The combination offers HSY dynamic general reports that also provide details. Clear indicators give factual information that enable quick intervention to any deviations.

The importance of map visualisation

The solutions enable seamless combination of a map visualisation with other reports.

”A majority of the information related to water management networks is location-based and map-based presentation works very well in its visualization. The system helps analyze information with an easy-to-use interface from different angles depending on the needs of each employee. Reporting is a lot less work than before, as the data is updated automatically.”

Reaching a general understanding is easy in data-based management, as the same information is simultaneously visible in numbers, graphs and map visualizations.

Implementation with agile methods

The new solutions were created in a few weeks with agile methods. ”We have a number of ideas on new solutions. We intend to put data from several different systems into wider use. The system also enables developing new solutions without any coding skills ”, says Network Engineer Kukka Pasonen who was involved with the project from the networks department.

Qlik and Idevio as tools

HSY’s new reporting model has been carried out with QlikView and Idevio. Idevio expands QlikView’s functionalities by enabling location info material and visualizing the theme maps based on them to be seamlessly combined with traditional reporting. In January 2017, QlikTech acquired Swedish company Idevio, which is now a relevant part of Qlik’s analytics offering.

In the past years, Attido has been Qlik’s sole retail and solution development partner in Finland, and is a Qliktech-recommended partner with one of the largest Qlik consulting teams in the country.

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