Jun 14, 2023

Finnlines chooses Attido as its ERP project partner

Shipping company Finnlines is moving its financial operations to the cloud-based Oracle Fusion ERP system. After a thorough procurement process, Finnlines chose Finnish IT expert Attido as its partner for implementing the ERP project.  The new agreement is of significant value and includes maintenance and further development services in addition to the implementation project.  

Finnlines is one of the leading cargo and passenger shipping companies in the Baltic Sea, the North Sea and the Bay of Biscay. The newly established strategic partnership is warmly welcomed by Attido’s CEO Henrik Reims.  
“We are happy that Finnlines chose us as its partner for the implementation of the ERP project. Finnlines is a large and responsible company, and it is great to be able to support its digital transformation,” says Reims.  

Santeri Laakso, Head of Group Finance at Finnlines, says that the choice was made between nine IT expert companies.

“The selection process was very comprehensive, but Attido was, in the end, a natural choice as partner for Finnlines due to its convincing Oracle know-how and the trust that was established during the process.” 

According to Attido’s Sales Director Aki Anttila, the shared trust and the vision of the solution were built during the procurement process and contract negotiations.  

“The dialogue has been very solution-oriented throughout the process. Although the creation of an ERP system is challenging, we quickly agreed on a common goal and both parties understood each other’s views. In the future, this will create an excellent starting point for collaboration during the project,” Anttila says. 

Utilising versatile Oracle Fusion ERP technology 

The cloud-based Oracle Fusion ERP is aimed at making companies more efficient, optimising processes and making decisions with real-time data and analytics. The system is flexible and can be scaled to meet the needs of organisations of different sizes.  

Finnlines’ Head of Group IT, Software Vesa Vähämaa says that using Oracle Fusion ERP for financial management is a natural transition for Finnlines. It is cloud-based and covers a wide range of areas in financial management, enabling seamless sharing of information between different departments. As a result of the system change, Finnlines will also have access to more extensive real-time views and more versatile analytics to support business decisions.

“One of the main reasons for choosing Oracle Fusion ERP was that the standard features of the system best met the high operational requirements of the Finnlines Group’s financial management. The other options were not really capable of doing that,” says Vähämaa.

Finnlines and Attido are satisfied with the collaboration agreement that has just been signed. Attido is known for its long customer relationships and commitment to its customers’ projects. Henrik Reims from Attido says that the partnership with Finnlines strengthens Attido’s position as the leading Oracle ERP solution provider in Finland.  

“We will work closely with Finnlines to ensure a successful outcome on their cloud transformation journey. It is of paramount importance for us to build a collaboration that benefits Finnlines’ business in the long term,” Reims continues.  

Finnlines Plc

Finnlines is one of the leading cargo and passenger shipping companies in the Baltic Sea, the North Sea and the Bay of Biscay. The company is part of the Italian Grimaldi Group, one of the world’s largest ro-ro shipping companies and the largest “Motorways of the Sea” operator transporting passengers and cargo in Europe. This collaboration enables Finnlines to offer liner services between the Mediterranean, Northern Europe, West Africa, North and South America and Asia and Australia.

Attido Oy

Attido Oy is an expertise-driven IT company established in 2001, which focuses on enterprise resource planning and business intelligence solutions. Attido employs almost 100 information system and software technology experts in Finland and Latvia. Attido is also the largest company in Finland focusing on Oracle technology.