Sep 5, 2023

Finland’s university world is moving to the cloud – Attido and Namos Solutions to collaborate

The Finnish Attido and UK’s Namos Solutions are working to cooperation university and higher education projects. Both companies are IT expert houses focused on Oracle technologies. The collaboration will begin with the pioneer project at Aalto University, in which Aalto University will take its financial systems to the Oracle cloud as the first university in Finland to do so.

In June, Aalto University selected Attido as its implementation partner for its Oracle Financial Fusion SaaS project, in implementation Aalto’s functionalities will be renewed and transferred to the cloud environment. In Finland, Aalto’s project is the first of its kind in the world of universities and other higher education. Attido and Namos Solutions are starting cooperation in connection with the Aalto project, which will utilize Attido’s integration expertise related to local operators and strong experience in localizing Oracle systems in Finland. Namos Solutions brings extensive expertise in Oracle Enterprise Resource Planning projects for universities and the education sector in general to the project.

“On the one hand, many Finnish public administration organizations wish for their system suppliers to provide local consultants and experience in the localization of systems in Finland, but on the other, for suppliers to also have solid experience in the system projects of their own industry. Since Finland is a small market and, for example, Aalto’s project is the first of its kind in the field of Finnish universities and higher education, it is challenging to find system suppliers with experience in both areas. That is why it is necessary to cooperate strategically and combine expertise,” says Attido’s VP of Sales Aki Anttila.

The goal of the cooperation is to obtain synergy benefits and take advantage of the different strengths of the companies on both sides. Many large ERP projects in Finland benefit from having experience of similar international projects at their disposal.

“We are happy to start working with Namos Solutions. Finland is a growing Oracle market, where many large private and public organizations have made decisions in recent years to move to Oracle technologies. As a subcontractor of Attido, Namos Solutions brings valuable understanding of business processes in the university and higher education world, as well as experience of ERP projects in the field to Aalto University’s system project. Collaboration gives us a significant competitive advantage in education sector projects,” says Anttila.

Universities and other higher education in the cloud transition

In the near future, other Finnish universities and higher education institutions will also need to face the move to Cloud, and decisions on system renewals will be needed. Attido and Namos Solutions saw this need in the Finnish education market and decided to focus their cooperation on this sector.

According to Richard Clayton, COO of Namos Solutions, the higher education sector poses an exciting challenge for ERP change projects due to the complexity of its environment.

“University campuses operate like small cities, which must take into account different variations in financial flows as well as numerous regulatory bodies. The scope of activity of universities is significant, as universities can, at their best, have thousands of employees who conduct world-leading research and inspire the next generation of researchers with their lectures. System projects need to take this complexity into account and at the same time simplify it through modern best practices. Change must be driven by new working models, while minimizing disruption to business-critical operations,” says Clayton.

Clayton says that the critical success factor of the project is to create a single-team approach as partners. Each partner in the team needs to understand how to deal with the nuances of higher education without adding complexity and commit to working towards common benefits.

“These benefits must lead to an organization that is able to plan in an agile way, reduce complexity and centralize consistent practices. Users must be provided a first-class user experience that enables more advanced self-service in functions. The end result is an independent university team that is able to continuously operate and improve the system platform long after the project has ended,” says Clayton.

Further information

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Aki Anttila, VP, Sales, +358 40 772 5697

Namos Solutions
Richard Clayton, COO, +44 7546 303694

Attido Oy is an expertise-driven IT company established in 2001, which focuses on enterprise resource planning and business intelligence solutions. Attido employs almost 100 information system and software technology experts in Finland and Latvia. Attido is also the largest company in Finland focusing on Oracle technology.

Namos Solutions
Namos Solutions is an award-winning, certified Oracle OPN Modernized Partner, specializing in the implementation and support of ERP, EPM and HCM business solutions, both in the cloud and on-premise.