SuiteWorld 2019 – Grow Beyond

This spring, I went to Las Vegas to attend the world’s biggest NetSuite-related conference: SuiteWorld 2019. More than 8,000 participants from all over the world came to this amazing conference to listen to brilliant speakers and talk with NetSuite professionals and service and product providers. Business representatives, of course, were there too to discuss today’s industry, product achievements, and the challenges of the NetSuite world.

Before the conference, I had put together a few questions I wanted to find answers to:

So, did I get my answers? Read on to find out how my experience at SuiteWorld 2019 went and how I met my goals.

The world’s biggest NetSuite conference

It was a great pleasure to see how well the conference was organized despite the huge number of participants. In addition to keynotes presented by NetSuite executives and side sessions presented by NetSuite professionals, there was an Expo area with lots of service and product provider stands and DevLand, where you could meet developers. I managed to talk to some of the biggest players in the industry, like Celigo (integration platform), Dell Boomi (SuiteSuccess and integration platform provider), Avalara (solutions provider), Deloitte Digital (solutions provider), AvidXchange (payables automation solution provider), and Xcelero (testing automation solution provider), to name just a few.

I was impressed by how many different products exist for the NetSuite ecosystem, from automated testing tools to complex business processes automation possibilities. This is often the sign of a truly successful product. In addition to the ERP system itself, we’re able to introduce our clients to tons of ready-made solutions that can help them fulfill just about any digitalization need.

As a service provider representative, I was especially interested in the key features other providers are pointing to in their marketing campaigns when they sell NetSuite as a service. So, here they are: performance, visibility, stability, control and automation. These are all things clients worry about, and Attido as a company should consider these key features in NetSuite sales and support strategy.


NetSuite’s biggest strength is continuous development and the willingness to adapt to current needs and trends of technology, industries and infrastructure. All conference long I had a feeling that this system will be never considered as a legacy, as every six months we receive something new from a functional and technical point of view. It’s great, however, to see that development practices are being improved regularly to meet evolving IT standards and methods when it comes to customization, integration and data visualization. Regularly updated SuiteBuilder, SuiteFlow, SuiteAnalytics, SuiteCloud, SuiteScript, SuiteTalk, and SuiteBundler tools provide outstanding comprehensive customization and development possibilities

It was also fantastic to learn how NetSuite was moved to OCI (Oracle Cloud Infrastructure) from an infrastructure point of view. This provides significant product scalability and availability, as well as  outstanding performance possibilities.

Business executives explained the main theme of SuiteWorld 2019—Grow Beyond—by sharing the biggest NetSuite benefits: visibility, control, agility, productivity and collaboration. Clients, from their side, proved these points with lots of NetSuite implementation success stories. Overall, clients are thrilled with the easy and modern user interface, plus the short implementation time it takes to move their legacy systems to the NetSuite cloud. It takes only one or two months to implement NetSuite using the SuiteSuccess methodology.

Major announcements at SuiteWorld 2019

NetSuite executives made a few big announcements at this year’s conference:

NetSuite, the #1 ERP system

The NetSuite community does a great job of supporting NetSuite product growth. New business-, partner-, and client-oriented programs help to promote products in business industries and support rapid growth. Modern technology platforms and outstanding development features help organizations to adapt complicated processes and needs to NetSuite. Oracle supports NetSuite’s easy scalability and availability needs by moving products to OCI and integrating to Oracle Cloud native services and platforms. Partners do a marvelous job with implementation, continuing service offers and supporting business with high qualification professionals, which take care of customers’ everyday business digitalization needs. Product providers help NetSuite customers with ready-made solutions for processes like automation, integration, analytics, performance measurements and other areas.

All these amazing things make NetSuite the #1 ERP system and support the NetSuite client pool growth.