Improve predictability and enhance processes

The predictability of business operations and efficient processes are the key aspects of a company’s financial administration.

Predicting and planning are impossible if only one individual has access to critical information. If work is carried out with Excel, the origin of the numbers and the logic of the calculation formulas may, in the worst case scenario, be lost.

However, it doesn’t have to be like this.

The entire process can be built in a cloud-based system tailored to the needs of your company and integrated into its other background systems.

We offer extensive cloud-based tools for planning, budgeting, and consolidating business finances with the Oracle EPM solution. Its Planning and Budgeting Cloud Service is Oracle’s fastest growing cloud service.

Attido also offers its customers the most extensive cloud-based, scalable and social financial administration ERP on the market: Oracle Financials Cloud. It releases your company from license fees, system updates and infra-related investments.

Attido also helps companies develop their financial administration processes.

Let Attido’s eMemo and eClose solutions carry you towards the future of financial administration. Targeted automation and increased financial control accelerate period end closing and reduce the amount of routine work.


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